Clio Gel Line


All products of the so-called Clio Gel Line are composed of high performance rigid ices, in various sizes, developed to maintain the adequate refrigeration of pharmaceutical products, medicines, food or any other product that depends on safe thermolabile storage. More

Thermal energy reduces heat exchange and is maintained for long periods, avoiding temperature excursions that may impact products. Through its differentiated and totally non-toxic formula, the CLIO GEL Line offers high performance, proven through specific studies of operation and performance, which guarantees the maintenance of the product’s temperature during transport.

The gel is composed of thickened polymer based on water and the storage packaging is made so that it has very high resistance and does not break. For its rigid packaging and in various sizes and formats, CLIO GEL is an option of the highest quality. Undoubtedly it has the best performance, since it remains frozen for a long period of time. Studies prove the compliance with different temperature ranges: 2 ° C to 8 ° C, 15 ° C to 25 ° C, 15 ° C to 30 ° C, among others.

The CLIO GEL line is made up of reusable rigid ices, in various sizes, developed to maintain adequate refrigeration of pharmaceutical products, medicines, food or any other thermosensitive product that requires safe storage.

Environmentally Friendly Product

CLIO GEL is an ecologically correct product, since it does not generate biochemical oxygen demand nor cause a negative impact on water treatment plants. All components of CLIO GEL are classified as biodegradable. In addition, the CLIO GEL line offers many advantages, see below

  • Defrosting much slower than ordinary ice;
  • A versatile option that guarantees cooling.
  • Easy cleaning and the formats are packaged in a simple way;
  • It can be reused dozens of times;
  • It does not run or generate water on the outside;

With strict quality standards Clio Gel has been produced for over 20 years, one of the most accepted brands in the market.

Clio Gel Line – Ita Fria

Ita Fria is a company specialized in the development of products and services for the cold chain and has in its DNA the premises of maintaining quality at a high level, with technology. For 20 years he has been studying products and services that really serve the cold chain.

It is concerned with the storage and transport of sensitive products from the beginning to the end of the Cold Chain. Thus, Ita Fria offers a wide range of products and services, from reusable rigid ices, to EPS, PUR thermal boxes, Ecological boxes and Returnable boxes.

Ita Fria works with validable equipment and systems, meeting all current rules and requirements of regulatory bodies. So ensure that the product reaches its destination with the same quality as it was produced.

• High performance;
• Resistant, reusable and fully recyclable;
• Low cost solution;
• High strength bottle, offers greater safety and quality;
• Meets the requirements of good manufacturing practices and regulatory bodies;
• Available in several sizes, which allows accommodation in any type of box;
• The bottle can be personalized, containing the customer's logo or slogan;
• Redução de custo com transporte.

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