The Temperature Control is as important as Product’s Shelf Life.

For over 20 years in the market, , ItaFria is a pioneer and leader in thermal products and solutions for the storage and transport of heat-sensitive products Focusing on custom solutions, and respecting the characteristics of each product and customer, we guarantee flawless quality throughout the cold chain process.

The ITAFRIA its quality policy is to provide quality products and services for the logistics and storage chain for thermosensitive products, aiming to meet the specific needs and demands of each client, as well as the applicable regulatory requirements. We seek continuous improvement and compliance with the requirements of our Quality Management System , the development of our employees and the strengthening of relationships with our customers and suppliers.

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With over two decades of experience in Cold Chain industry, in addition to high technology levels, Ita Fria offers to the market sustainable solutions.

Transporting products at right temperature!
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