Ita Fria is the top leading company in cold chain solutions in Brazil. Since 1999 focused on specific solutions for the needs of each client, we guarantee flawless quality during the whole process.

Only a serious and committed company to Health may be the most praised company on the market!

Authority in the subject

The constant updating process, according to national and international standards, highlighted our position as the most serious and reliable company in the market.
With more than two decades of research focused on pharmaceutical and food sector, Ita Fria is always present in relevant discussion groups of Cold Chain logistics.
In a country with numerous temperature variables and huge distances, despite frequent regulation changes and many other challenges, Ita Fria consolidates itself as a reference in the Cold Chain market, being recognized and supported by customers nationwide.

We Never Stop!

Innovative solutions for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, cosmetics, food and beverage are continuously under development. Throughout the last decade, we have been supplying to the largest distributors and retail chains, as we highly understand the importance of keep temperature controlled during all stages, from manufacturer till end users.

Skilled Staff

With high qualified pharmacists, chemists and engineers among the R&D staff, Ita Fria constantly invests in training and certifications, to fully comply with all norms and procedures required by the market.


Ita Fria is an ISO 9001 accredited company, and has been elected several times by the Brazilian Pharmaceutical Industry Association as one of the best suppliers for the cold chain sector.
Present at the best events in the segment, Ita Fria has several work fronts with partners who are also concerned with the sector.


With a modern and fully equipped laboratory, Ita Fria has several
programmable thermal chambers, for different temperature ranges, allowing
the highest accuracy in temperature simulations studies. We also have stateof-the-art measuring instruments, which meet all national fully requirements
and CFR 21 part 11, to ensure data reliability in all studies.

Transparency and trust is what set us apart! 

Quality Policy

Ita Fria has been in the market for more than 21 years and is a pioneer and leader in thermal products and solutions for the storage and transportation of thermosensitive products. Focused on specific solutions for the needs of each client, according to the characteristics of each product and guaranteeing its quality throughout the cold chain process.